WWIII Memes that broke the internet

WWIII memes struck out in the beginning of January, but the twitters and influencers didn’t think about their effect on the people on the ground.

After Osman Soleimani the general of Iran was assonated Trump stated that this would stop war even though there has been zero evidence provided that Iran was planning such war.  

After news broke memes and jokes about WWIII broke alongside with it. 

People who were safe from threats didn’t realize what the people in Iran were going to faces from the result of the general being killed. To missals being thrown at military bases as retaliation from Iran. 


Pop Buzz decided to gather the most popular memes about WWIII right after Soleimani was killed. 

Back in World War II people made pictures to explain their feelings about the war. Millennials use memes to express their feelings about an incipient conflict today because it didn’t affect them they were ignorant of how Iranians were affected 

The WWIII generation needs to understand that this was not a laughing matter even though they were it didn’t have a big impact on us. we should have handled the situations with more sensitivity. 

People use humor to cope with difficult situations and it also makes sense that memes to break out. But we should find other coping skills so we don’t end up hurting others’ feelings. 

After the assassination of Osman Soleimani and the Iranian retaliation, Canadians took a hit by losing 63.

 Where were the memes then?

If WWIII is to take place, let’s and not turn it into a joke. These are real events and even if they don’t affect you directly doesn’t mean they have real consequences. 


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