Luis Machado

This is Luis Machado and this is his crazy elementary story. It all starts back in grade two the classes were divided into sections A, B, C, D and Luis was in class the C the rowdiest class of all class C. Class C was the class that broke all the doors stacked chairs on chairs and tipped them over and this was a private school in Venezuela. Grade three was the year Luis learned how to swear and cheat. Luis hated the uniforms but loved the big ass school. Luis also loves gaming and is always on his Nintendo switch. Luis is at SAIT because he so he can get his diploma. Luis chose Journalism because he likes photography and he found out he’s not bad at writing news. Luis wants to move on with journalism by getting his communications degree or a teaching degree and got to teach high school students. Luis also wants to do more adobe courses which he is great at and maybe even end up going into IT. Luis’s goal is to get his diplomae and get out of here. Luis is a very chill person and very helpful when it comes to Adobe related assignments. 

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