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Hello, everybody; you can see I have not been posting since covid started because I went back to school. As everyone is aware, school has been switched to online due to covid, and I have been bombarded with school work. I don’t usually share much about my life, but I wanted to talk about mental health since many people have struggled. I cannot speak about others’ experiences, but I can for sure share about mine. I have been struggling to do my most favourite thing: writing and getting to know people. I have been struggling to attend my online classes and merely getting out of bed. I quit my job because of how unhappy I became. I have worked every day with being alone. I try my best to stay busy get motivated. Still, sometimes I get knocked down because online school expectations have gotten higher, and my self-esteem has gone down.
I am a very social person, but I get massive anxiety from time to time doing basic things. Still, I try my best not to feel embarrassed for doing everyday human things. I had a fascinating conversation once about being human first, and it has been an eye-opener since. It’s hard to remind yourself that you are human first. The reason we forget that is because of society and the norms we have set ourselves. I had a day where I wasn’t doing my best, and I was really struggling in silence. Still, I got up and decided to get help by finding a new therapist and by just merely analyzing my life.
What I have just said might sound super easy, and It may seem like I did it one day. I didn’t. It took me quite a bit of time. It wasn’t a pleasant time of my life because I really thought I would be back at school in person. I thought I would have a better job. I thought the people that were in my life at the time would be there forever. Those people left, the school didn’t open, and I didn’t have a better job. I soon realized that things would not change until I got out of my slump and worked towards a better me. Being back at school, even though it is online, I have fair lows and don’t want to do school because sometimes I think, what’s the point? But something in me just says it might get better, and you never know until you finish. Many people say you will get what you want when you stop looking. I have stopped looking for what’s next for now, and I’m trying my best to focus on today. Still, personally, it’s tough to focus on now because once again, society has set the world for us to think about yesterday and tomorrow and less about today.
Even though society is trying its best to help people during covid by providing finances and trying there be to accommodate during this interesting situation by starting a conversation about mental health. I think society should ask society instead of assuming and going based on what they think we really want or need. I would love it if we had a strict lockdown to get Covid out of here and go back to what was once known as expected. I would love it if society could do more for mental health and not send just emails or make ads. The only society and we can get back to normal is to unite and just talk and get to some sort of solution and learn to work on today and then think about what’s next. I decided to write about mental health and what we can do to help because I have had enough of lockdowns, cases increasing and having to not be able to see my loved ones more often. This piece finally got my time and the attention it needed. I’m human, and I am trying my best to make a difference. I hope anyone reading this post can relate, and it helps them find what they are searching for or not searching for. Please don’t forget to be kind to yourself. I know this is easy to write and say but hard to do. Please don’t forget this is a safe place to share, and if you would ever like to share your experience on YYCVIEWS or with me personally, do not hesitate to share or send this post to a person looking for a boost to go on. Take care of yourself!

for anyone wanting to share or talk, my contact info is yycviewz@gmail.com

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