Kabul Attack May 13 2020

My thoughts towards the Kabul attack

May 13, 2020, marks the day when the attack happened in a maternity ward in Kabul Afghanistan, where a man dressed as a cop went into the ward and shot two newborn babies and 40 others.

“Gunmen attacked a hospital that houses a maternity clinic in Kabul on Tuesday, killing at least 16 people including two newborn babies, and a suicide bomber killed at least 24 others at a funeral on a morning of double tragedy for Afghanistan.” From the guardian

As soon as I read the news about the attack, I went to my Twitter and searched the #Kabulattack and found just a couple of posts from locals from Afghanistan.

I rushed to my Instagram and saw only two posts about this attack from fellow Muslims.

A big tragedy just occurred in Canada last month similar situation a man dressed as a cop and shot innocent people. Canada took this situation seriously and brought justice to it.

Canada banned the weapon the person used to kill those innocent people, as more of those weapons become more and more available every day in Afghanistan.

Novascotiastrong started trending in minutes after the news broke, and support commercials came out as well as doughnuts were released.

Afghanistan has this type of Tragedy every day, but since this happens, every day, no one cares enough to bring any justice because of Muslims mostly how the Taliban has portrayed Islam to the world.

This Tragedy has upset me, but what bothered me more was that there was minimal media coverage and that this mishap is buried in matters of hours with lives that were taken.

There is a whole pandemic going on, and we had time to grieve those who lost their lives from corona and in the Nova Scotia shooting, but we don’t have time to mourn those innocent infants suffering their lives before it even started.

It’s sad to see your social media empty from this because we are all too busy opening up our economies and trying to get back to a healthy life while Kabul has to deal with this type of Tragedy every day.

In Kabul, the normal is bombs, and losing loved ones to war, in western countries, it is work, fun, and home.
Afghanistan is also experiencing high amounts of the corona at this time, and they don’t even have decent medical care yet to be tested or treated.

People out hear trying to get back to work and regular day to day life, but what about those people in Kabul who just lost their newborns, mothers, and wives that lost their lives in the holy month of Ramadan.

I hope the best for Kabul and the families that were injured and lost their loved ones today may their souls rest in peace, and may you have peace as well.


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