Jesse Heinrich

This is the story about a man who loves adventure and when you meet him he gives you respect and is a kind person. Jesse Heinrich who is a SAIT Journalism student, but before Jesse came to SAIT, he went to the University of Calgary to his teaching degree, which he then switched to a geology degree, but ended up taking time off due to mental health. Jesse went down to the academic office and requested time off.

Jesse was approved for time off from the university and took off on his travels. He went down to New Zealand and got a job restoring old building into cafes. A little while after Jesse was at a party and gave a girl ride, and they exchanged phone numbers, three days later that girl called Jesse and offered him a job on the radio and the show was held every Wednesday.

The radio that Jesse did gave him his first taste of journalism, and he fell in love with it. Jesse got a letter from the University of Calgary that he is being kicked out because he wasn’t really allowed to leave in the first place. The moment he received the letter Jesse went back and talked to the academic office and explained that he was told that he could leave, but the problem was he supposed to triple check if he was or was not supposed to leave. Jesse finally got kicked out, and he didn’t take it to heart and moved on.

Jesse Heinrich a SAIT Journalism Student in Calgary on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Jesse is part time kayaker, radio host and adventurer. Jesse loves to travel and loves the thrill of trying new things. (Photo by Annam Khan/SAIT)

Jesse didn’t have anything to do in Calgary, and he decided to become a kayak instructor. As Jesse was in kayak school he thought about a better career and thought about going back to school, he applied to Mount Royal and applied to SAIT because his dad said if you don’t get Into Mount Royal you can maybe get into SAIT. As Jesse and his dad were looking at programs to apply at SAIT they looked into more of the trades and Jesse’s dad clicked on the journalism program and Jesse applied and thought about the program all summer long and started reading the news more and started educating himself on journalism.

Jesse is the kindest person I have met in my life and his kindness comes from his father instilling it in him. Jesse says “If you respect someone they will respect you back.” When I met Jesse I only said hi and ever since he always waves back at you with a smile. Jesse wasn’t always a confident person “I’m a vain person, I’m not confident in my looks.” Everyone has those days and so does Jesse, but he still moves on because he knows that he can walk into any group of people and have a conversation. Jesse found his confidence by being nice and respectful to anyone he has ever met. “Meeting up with friends taught me to be more positive and it helped my depression out a ton,” said Jesse.

“Ask me how many siblings I have,” said Jesse. I responded to how many, his response thirteen.
Jesse’s mom Heather had him at 18 with his dad Pat. Pat and Heather didn’t work out and Pat Jesse’s dad ended up marrying Sherry, and they ended up having four children. Heather had three more children with three other guys. Jesse has seven half-siblings. Irvin Jesse’s adoptive father took Jesse in when he saw Heather couldn’t take care of him. Jesse’s adoptive parents Elinor and Irvin took care of Jesse and have made him the man he is today. Elinor has five children including Jesse’s mom Heather one of her children passed away so Jesse has three more siblings, and Irvin was married to a lady named Helga before Elinor and Helga and Irvin had three children.

Jesse lived with Elinor and Irvin in Red Deer Alberta until he was 15, and then he took off to travel and joined his kayak school and went traveling around the world.

Jesse has traveled to 32 places, he has seen ten provinces and two territories. Jesse still continues to travel it has just become a part of his life.

“When I look around and when I see people around me I see a sense of relationship,” Said Jesse.

“Little moments and the world take my breath away each time, I have the ability to take it all in,” said Jesse.

Jesse is a traveler he likes to use his time learning or just chilling outdoors or just sitting and listening to music.

The question about if he likes to watch TV came up, and he said “I think watching TV is a waste of time because its easy time, with TV you can be doing other things you can learn more from reading.

Education is a big part of Jesse’s life, and he says “The day you stop learning you might as well be dead, the more you know the better off you will be.”

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